Journal entry march 21/ 2004, the last day

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is go home.

On Sunday March 21 we woke up to the smell of a bacon and eggs breakfast. Then at 9:00 we left for the airport saying goodbye to the El Salvadorians we had called friends for the last ten days . A half-hour later we arrived at the airport in our yellow T-shirts and began to load our hammocks and coconut monkeys onto the plane. As the plane took off we looked out the windows to see the country that has buried itself so deep in our hearts slowly disappear. We all knew this day would come and as much as we missed our family’s and friends we also knew we would miss are new friends and are new family of 18 that had bonded together over the last 10 days.

Once we landed in Miami we had to line up in customs to get in the country, this is where we l became separated as Tom slipped through with ease at US customs while the rest of us lagged behind. As we came through customs we regrouped only to find that Tom was nowhere in sight also it was time to board the plane, so we rushed to the gate where Tom, who we had been frantically looking for, was wait for us.

The plane ride to Montreal was filled with mixed emotions as we all wanted to see our families but at the same time did not want to leave our newly formed family. When we landed in Montreal we said our goodbyes to Farid and Renee, who live in the city, and then boarded a bus to Cornwall.

After the cold drive to Cornwall the rest of us said our goodbyes with teeth chattering and toes freezing. The drive home for all of us was when it really hit us; The trip was over, our new friends had gone home and soon we too would be at home. But our lives have been changed by this adventure. We have seen and done things that will stay with us forever. The country and people of El Salvador have found a place in our hearts and minds. Hopefully those who return to El Salvador over the years will also have the chance to grow as individuals just as we have.