March 20th 2004 - Day 10

We got an early start this morning as we were off to visit the Herbert Molina Alternative School. The school teaches sewing classes, English classes, computer classes and welding classes. It serves 7 of the most poor rural communities of El Salvador. It was these communities who were most devastated by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. We left all the donated sewing machines, the fabric from Fabricland, soccer balls and donations for their food bank. Thank you to everyone who donated goods. They will help these people become more self sufficient and help them create a better life for their families.

In the afternoon, we held the second medical clinic. It was a huge success as we helped 130 people in total. The clinic has a permanent doctor so the people can return when need be. The clinic is part of a huge community project called Cideco. This is a school and housing project which builds homes for some of the poorest people in the area. It is a wonderful place that has already helped many people.

A few of us were lucky enough to visit one of these communities. It was the Venice of El Salvador as the people had "made" their own land by gathering dirt at low tides and building bridges as roads. However, the water was very dirty and the bridges were very ricketing. It was hard to see those scenes, but a great feeling to know that there are people who are helping them. In the evening was our goodbye fiesta. We went to Lissett and Fausto s home for a wonderful meal and last minute goodbyes.

Donations were made to the Roteract to sponser 4 children, soccer uniforms and balls for two full soccer teams, solar lights were left for villages without electricity plus funds for the Cuscatlan Rotario 25km of toys drive that they do each year for Christmas. It was hard to say goodbye to all our new friends, but maybe some of us can come back next year. Adios!