March 18th 2004 - Day 8

Reporting from El Salvador today is Joelle Sabourin. Today was a beautiful day. Some of us were able to sleep in this morning, 8:30. Others woke up early. Room 2 finally got air conditioning. On today s agenda was a visit to an orphanage. This orphanage has 120 children and 13 foster mothers. We all enjoyed spending time with them. We played soccer and we played with balloons.

The children were then rewarded with some pollo Campero. The delivery motorcyclist really impressed the kids. After lunch, us Canadians, introduced the children to hockey and taught them how to play. Tom was an excellent goalie. T-shirts, legos and stuffed animals were given to each foster families. Marie-Alice, Sandy and myself went to Ovittio to download some picture. It was a long process but very successful.

The rest of the group went to Lisette’s brother’s restaurant to have fun in the pool and to have an excellent supper. We came back to the hotel early since we must wake up early tomorrow (wake up time for room 4 is 5:00am hehehe). This trip is almost over but we are having lots of fun.

Hasta Luego!


(P.S. On a personal note, Sophie, I will get you for that!)