March 14th 2004 - Day 4

Room 4 today... hense day 4 lol thats just some EL Salvador humor for you. Room 4 consists of Tracey, Marlene, Joelle and Renee.

Went on our first medical journey today and we must say that it was extremely HOT! It must have been the hottest day so far. When we got to the village we were told that the building that was to be used for the clinic was locked because in El Salvador according to religion you are not suppose to work on Sundays. Therefore a nice villager allowed us to set up the clinic at her private house/store. then they opened the gates people started coming in and they were directed to the registration booth where Kailee, Diego and Jose registered the patients and got personal information about their health conditions so we can have better medication in future years.

They were then directed to the doctor s booth where Sandra De Levison s husband and sister examined the patients. The patients received a prescription and were directed to the pharmacy where Joelle, Dawn, Marie-Alice, Jennifer, Ron, Tom, Marlene and Katie prepared medication. The patients were treated with three items which were one item of toilettrie one item of clothing and one toy for each child.

The people who worked at this booth were Tracey, Melissa, Rob, Amanda and Katie. While parents waited for the prescription Sandy, Renee and Katie face painted the kids and did tattoos and hair to keep them occupied. At one moment there were so many people that it looked like a riot because people were pulling our arms and yelling at us to get what they want therefore Tracy, Marlene, Katie, Ron and Marie kept yelling "üno fila, papill, por favor" (one line, paper, please) to keep everything under control .

Rotarians Ovittio and his wife Patricia,Christina, Sandra, Ligia and familla were great help with translation. Even though it was so hot, Sabrina, Tom, Rob and poor Jarid who was not feeling well played soccer and then gamed in the heat with the kids. At the end of the day we ran out of stuff with still many people in line, we donated our lunch to them. after saying our goodbyes to our host, we took the bus back to San Salvador and stopped at McDonald for lunch/dinner. We were treated to a visit to the mall by our Rotary friend Memo. After this we came back to the hotel and had some Subway. Today was a very rewarding experience!

Adios Amigos!

Aasta Luego!

Tracy, Marlene, Renee, Joelle