March 13th 2004

Hello to all that were left back in the cold. Today was amazing. The sun was out and we all started to work on our tans.... to bad your all still up north!!! Some of us have more of a "tan" than others!!!! (aka Sandy looks like a tomato)

Today we were suppose to start of at 8:00 but as we have already learnt we are living on Salavadorian time, and that means you are expected to be late.

Our breakfast consited of fried plantne ( Bannanas), refried beans, sour cream and some tasty cheese.

On our way to that beach... yes that"s right the beach... specifically the Pacific Ocean, we happened to pick up our lunch... pollo Campero.

An hour and a half bus ride lead us to a beach house where we enjoyed a wonderfull lunch of chicken, as well as the "big" waves and a pool to relax in.

We even had our first chance to drink coconut "milk" and eat the insides of the coconut.

The afternoon lead us into a game of Volleyball on the beach. It quite hard to play without sandles because your feet would burn, and at the same time it was hard to move quickly with the sandles on.

Finally it was time to rest in some of readily available hammocks.

After that it was off to the hotel to unpack, count and repack all of the donated items that we have brought along with us.