Sabrina here, doing this with Dawn and
Melissa! Well, yesterday was market day! What an
amazing experience. In the morning, we had
panckaes for breakfast with syrup and the freshest
and best orange juice ever. Then we took the bus
to the National Anthropological Museum. It was
really interseting and we learned all about the
Gods and Goddesses of the past. Our guides spoke
English, so we understood every single word. It
was so much fun! The museum had pottery, ceramics,
from the preclassical, classical and colonial
periods of El Salvadors history and culture.
Then we went to lunch at a private home.
Wow! It was beautiful with awesome food and palm
trees everywhere! And the best part was the pool
right beside the table (outside).We swam while
Ron, Ligia, and Sandy(El Salvadorian Rotary) went
to buy paint and supplies for the hospital.  
Late in the afternoon, we headed to the
craft market. What an awesome selection! We had to
barter the prices for everything. In spanish, that
can be a challange, but I found that as long as
you knew your numbers you were fine for the most
part. And we could get some pretty good deals. I
think nearly everyperson had bought a hammock to
relax in! How nice and colouruful! Another popular
buy was the coconut monkeys. Very cute.Mrs. Hossie
thinks they are dorky.We had a gresat time. The
bus ride back was also a very
very . . .interesting and entertaining ride. More
on that . . .later.
And the evening. . .well. We returned to
the hotel, changed into nice clothes and headed
off to a fashion show! It was a fundraiser for the
Roteract Club and they had awesome dancers.  We
returned at about eleven and  spent a long time
chatting and laughing.