March 11


We have arrived safely in El Salvador!  We began
packing at 8:00p.m., and left for the airport at
2:30am in a large yellow school bus. We arrived at
Pierre Elliot Trudeau at about 4:00am, and boarded
the plane to Miami. We made the connecting flight
with time to spare, and were stunned by the
beautiful view of the vast, colourful ocean, its
coral reefs, and the mountainous terrain of the
land.  The first breath of El Salvador air was
suffocating, as we adjusted to the heat.   
We boarded an old fashioned bus which took
us to the Hotel Happy House. There were hundreds
of small hand-made huts on the side of the road,
much like a market atmosphere. Their houses were
built just off the roads, and into the bush. We
were all enchanted by the many palm trees we saw,
while being introduced to driving techniques in El
When we arrived, we ordered in pizza and
had an orientation meeting with Ligia Corredor,
our site leader, and Lissett de Castro, the
president of the Club Rotario Cuscatlan. Ovidio,
Farid and Katie have gone to get water since we
are all dying of thirst. Since we have not slept
for about 36 hours, we are all going to bed very

bye Jennifer, Amanda and Katie